Jon and Carmen Eckard have been happily working in commercial photography and creative design for over 15 years. With Jon's unwavering precision and Carmen's boundless imagination, this power couple has built an extraordinary legacy that continues to flourish. At the heart of their success lies a passion for storytelling and a unique ability to capture the essence of their clients' visions. In the Eckard's studio, artistry and precision come together to create magic.

Eckard Photographic can elevate your brand.

Regardless of your company's current stage in its development process, Eckard Photographic is here to assist. Offering services ranging from strategic brand planning and exceptional photography to comprehensive websites and catalogs, Eckard Photographic can help steer your company towards success. In today's increasingly virtual world, impeccable photography is essential for showcasing your offerings to the global audience. With Eckard Photographic by your side, you can gain complete control over your brand.


Photography Services Offered:

Architectural Photography

Product Photography


Additional Services:

-Brand Management
-Web Design
-Brochure Design
-Logo Design
-Catalog Creation
-Annual Report Creation
-Social Media Integration

Eckard Photographic is a Full-Service Company for Realtors

Jon and Carmen Eckard are an invaluable resource for real estate professionals seeking to elevate their brand and showcase their listings. The Eckards provide exceptional photography services, capturing stunning images of properties as well as flattering professional headshots for realtors. Their expertise extends beyond photography, as they skillfully design and layout webpages and business cards, ensuring a cohesive and polished brand image. Moreover, they offer drone photography at no additional cost, providing an aerial perspective that adds an extra layer of appeal to property listings. With Jon and Carmen Eckard's comprehensive suite of services, realtors can expect a remarkable visual representation that sets them apart in the competitive real estate market.

Eckard Photographic Offers Flawless Product Photography

Jon Eckard has dedicated 20 years to mastering the art of product photography, fully understanding the importance of flawless imagery in today's digital landscape. With the majority of shopping taking place online, it is essential for businesses to have impeccable product photos that accurately represent their offerings. Jon's expertise extends to capturing even the most challenging subjects, such as glass products that exhibit countless reflections, or color-specific items that require an exact color match. His college education in photography and graphic design, coupled with two decades of hands-on experience, has equipped him with the skills necessary to tackle any challenge that comes his way. Once Jon has captured the perfect images, Carmen Eckard can step  in to further enhance the visual presentation by designing catalogs or websites that seamlessly incorporate the stunning photographs, ensuring that clients receive a comprehensive and polished final product.

Eckard Photographic Offers Flattering Professional Headshots

Jon and Carmen Eckard excel in capturing exceptional headshots, a skill they've honed and enjoyed over the years. With a portfolio of hundreds of successful headshots, they have become the go-to choice for individuals and businesses seeking professional images. Their adaptable approach offers both in-studio and on-location services, catering to diverse client needs.

The Eckards are proficient in handling large-scale projects, such as entire staff rosters, by setting up their mobile studio at the client's location for a seamless experience. Their studio at 1070 26th Ave NE provides a professional environment for individualized attention. Jon and Carmen's consistent style has made them a trusted choice for maintaining clients' ongoing visual branding as their teams evolve.

Actors also rely on the Eckards for headshots that convey their unique essence and personality. Their expertise and dedication to quality have established them as top photographers in the headshot industry.

Jon and Carmen Eckard's keen eye for detail, understanding of lighting and composition, and ability to put clients at ease have made them leaders in headshot photography. Their passion for their craft shines through in every image, making them the ideal choice for those seeking outstanding, lasting impressions.

Eckard Photographic offers Editorial Services

Jon and Carmen Eckard are  known for their outstanding editorial services, with a wealth of experience in magazine photography and production. Jon has an impressive portfolio, having worked with renowned publications such as Our State and WNC magazines. His exceptional photography has also been featured in prestigious outlets like the Washington Post. Together, Jon and Carmen produce Foothills Digest, a visually stunning and informative resource for residents of western North Carolina. This high-quality publication showcases the region's beauty, culture, and unique offerings, reflecting the couple's commitment to delivering exceptional content. To get a glimpse of their work, simply flip through some of our issues available below this paragraph, where we have integrated a bookshelf. Experience the captivating imagery and engaging stories that are synonymous with Jon and Carmen Eckard's editorial services.

Are you Getting Hungry?

Jon Eckard is renowned for his exceptional talent in capturing delectable food photography, a skill he's refined and relished over time. With a diverse collection of exquisite on-location food images, Jon has become the preferred choice for restaurants and culinary businesses seeking enticing visuals. His versatile approach enables him to shoot entire menus in a single day or provide stunning images of seasonal specialties.

Working swiftly and efficiently, Jon excels at photographing dishes mere moments after they emerge from the kitchen, ensuring the finest qualities of the food are preserved in every shot. With an innate understanding of lighting, composition, and the essence of appetizing presentation, Jon has solidified his position as a leading food photographer.

In today's digital age, potential patrons often rely on enticing images of mouthwatering dishes before choosing to dine at a particular establishment. Jon Eckard's expertise and commitment to quality guarantee that every image he captures will leave a lasting, irresistible impression, drawing customers to your restaurant. His passion for his craft is evident in every vibrant, delicious image, making him the ideal choice for those seeking unparalleled food photography

About Jon and Carmen Eckard

Jon Eckard, the artist behind the camera lens, is known for his serious demeanor and an eye for detail that is unmatched in the industry. His exacting, precise approach to photography has made him a highly sought-after commercial photographer. Jon's expertise lies in his ability to capture the most intricate and subtle elements of a subject, creating images that are not only visually stunning but also tell a story. His dedication to perfection ensures that every photograph he takes is a masterpiece in its own right.

Carmen Eckard, a creative force to be reckoned with, is the artistic genius responsible for transforming Jon's photographs into compelling websites, magazines, and marketing materials. Her out-of-the-box thinking and innovative design approach breathe life into each project, crafting unforgettable visual experiences for their clients. Carmen's flair for the extraordinary ensures that every creation is a true reflection of the client's vision, making their brand stand out in a sea of mediocrity.

Together, Jon and Carmen Eckard have forged a remarkable partnership that transcends the boundaries of their individual talents. Their synergy is not only evident in their professional work but also in their passion project, Foothills Digest. This magazine, a labor of love, showcases the rich culture, history, and beauty of their beloved region while highlighting the extraordinary work of local artists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Foothills Digest is a testament to the couple's unwavering commitment to their craft and their love for the community.

Having worked together creatively full time for 15 years, the Eckards have honed their skills and refined their unique approach to every project they undertake. Their exceptional portfolio is a testament to the power of their collaboration, and their ever-growing list of satisfied clients is a reflection of their dedication to excellence.

Join the Eckards on their journey of creative exploration and discover the endless possibilities that await when the worlds of exacting photography and imaginative design collide. 

"In a world where cookie-cutter solutions and generic designs have become the norm, Jon and Carmen Eckard stand as a beacon of hope for those seeking a truly personalized and authentic approach to visual storytelling. By combining their distinctive talents, they create mesmerizing works of art that capture the heart and soul of every brand they touch."                    

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